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Slot machines in casino

Are Blended Networks the Future of Wireless?

The quality of your Wi-Fi has become so important that it’s now a major factor in how your guests judge the quality of their visit. If the Wi-Fi at your property is slow, unstable, or has spotty coverage, then look out — you can expect to hear it from your guests in the form of complaints during their stay, bad reviews, and even worse, no return visits.
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Fashion at the Races

How an App Transformed Fan Experience at a Top Horse-Racing and Sports-Betting Venue

For today’s audiences, a positive fan experience has as much to do with what’s going on in the field as what’s going on in their […]
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Student on Laptop

Reimagining in COVID-19: Three Engineering Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Engineers are developing striking solutions to help higher education institutions deliver innovative on-campus learning experiences. Here are three solutions from the engineering world that are helping colleges and universities strike the right balance as the COVID-19 duration is unknown.
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