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How an App Transformed Fan Experience at a Top Horse-Racing and Sports-Betting Venue

Fashion at the Races

For today’s audiences, a positive fan experience has as much to do with what’s going on in the field as what’s going on in their hands. Audiences and fans have uncompromising expectations for high-speed connectivity – from the moment they drive into the stadium parking lot to the end of the victory tailgate.

And, what is more spectacular in the world of horse racing than the most exciting two minutes in sports and the longest continuously-held sporting event in the history of the United States? Indeed, it’s the Kentucky Derby held at Churchill Downs.

Today, fans need to be able to share the experience, save it and post it to external audiences to meet their expectations.

With the demand for a greater experience, the race organizers at Churchill Downs reached out to M S Benbow (MSB) to help create a better user experience in navigating the large venue and enjoying everything the Kentucky Derby offers from people-watching the spectators who wear extravagant hats and don elaborate attire to enjoying delectable food and beverages. Race organizers sought a solution through a beacon-enabled mobile app to provide convenient mobile access for the racetrack’s services to its attendees.

MSB‘s engineering experts designed and implemented a technology solution utilizing a pervasive bluetooth beacon system to enable the app to help elevate fan engagement.

Navigating the Venue

Churchill Downs helps provide the ultimate in fan engagement for approximately 150,000 spectators. Getting such a high volume of people where they needed to be throughout the racetrack of the expansive space can be an exertion of mental energy. With the mobile app, the moment-by-moment navigation enables fans to get around with ease.

Making Taste Buds Salivate or Making Mouths Water, Betting and Value-Add Entertainment

For foodies, the Kentucky Derby is an all-day extravaganza. While sipping a mint julep, fans can enjoy Kentucky style barbeque and decadent desserts from the moment the gates open until the evening.
Along the way, the mobile app enables spectators to navigate to the Garland of Roses parade, the art signing and placing the next bet on the race.