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Wi-Fi for Tribal Casinos: MSB Asked to Weigh In

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M S Benbow has been a proud TribalHub partner, working with them to expand their telecommunications in their casinos and in their communities. We were excited when they approached us to provide some insight to the value – and importance – of adopting Wi-Fi to enhance their business offerings.

As TribalHub’s Executive Officer, Mike Day, points out, many casinos are still hesitant due to a variety of concerns. “There are a number of reasons that Wi-Fi has not yet become the infrastructure standard, including concerns regarding speed/latency, security, dependability and existing staff expertise. Most casino properties are not yet comfortable with a Wi-Fi solution to their ‘mission critical’ business systems, and they continue to take a ‘wait and see’ approach to this transition.”

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Our own Kit Keen, Sr. Technology Consultant, provided some insight as to why Wi-Fi would be a game changer for tribal casinos, and more importantly, why MSB would not only address their concerns, but solve for them. “For all the advancements in performance and reliability, poor network design and configuration is extremely difficult to overcome. When assets such as Point-of-Sale devices and gaming machines are involved there is no room for error. A good wireless consultant with experience designing, configuring, and optimizing these networks can be worth their weight in gold.”

But these solutions do not only apply to casinos. Wi-Fi is becoming the #1 preferred means of communications for operations, guests, and communities

Read the full story from TribalHub’s July Insights to get a clear picture on MSB’s understanding of how and why the right implementation of Wi-Fi would make significant improvements.