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Performance Driven WiFi Networks

A view of behind a crowd at a Concert

We at M S Benbow & Associates Consulting Engineers work closely with professional sports and entertainment stadiums and arenas, luxury resorts, gaming facilities, public and private universities, and other large public enterprises, and we’ve discovered most of them experience the same issue – wireless pain! Especially in the rapidly developing world of technology.

They all ask the same questions:

  • Why am I still getting complaints about the WiFi?
  • How do we extend wireless coverage out to the last mile (the digital divide)?
  • How do we create an awesome guest experience and leverage our technology as an asset to our guests, staff, and community?
An Engineered Approach: Taking bad and good-enough to best-in-class

Our in-house team of wireless engineers, designers, drafters, and specialists were built to fit right in to where we are needed. We don’t sell hardware, but we do solve problems and we do that through small consulting engagements or by providing full turn-key network design and build projects.

Take a look below to learn more about the approach we take to helping resolve that “wireless pain” and a few of the reasons why.

Performance Driven Wifi Networks