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Scott Uffman

June 15, 2023

Scott Uffman leads MSB’s business development team, which works collaboratively with all stakeholders in the organization to ensure our clients receive the firm’s best resources. In addition, he is responsible for the development and execution of MSB’s marketing strategy. Scott’s primary duties include targeting and cultivating relationships with clients and strategic partners around the country, steering the company’s subject matter experts to help maximize our firm’s visibility, and implementing lessons learned through client engagement.

Scott is an accomplished professional within sales & operations management. An early career with the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge and APPRO Systems laid the foundation for his expertise. Then, while at the Louisiana Small Business Development Center and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for ten years, he strengthened his cross-functional collaboration skills within all facets of business. In this role, he achieved the highest level of success while guiding business leaders to reach higher levels of profitability by increasing revenue, creating new jobs, and substantial profits. For over eight years, he was a key leader in developing and implementing CEO Roundtables.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Studies, Political Science, and History from Louisiana State University.