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Marc Chevis

June 15, 2023

Marc joined MSB in January 2022 to launch a new practice area: Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity. This new business unit is built upon MSB’s two existing, core skill sets: industrial controls and networking technology. Marc is no stranger to MSB — he has been a friend, client, and partner of MSB dating back to the early 1980s. Marc graduated from the University of New Orleans with a BSME, Engineering and Computer Science degree. He is a lifelong mechanical engineer with a deep understanding of digital technologies who has spent his career focused on business value delivery via industrial automation, process control, information technology, manufacturing application integration, enterprise architecture, and cybersecurity.

Most recently, Marc spent 15 years at Shell to build a digital strategy for their deepwater oil and gas operations. Over the course of several years, he led the transformation of the operating model to realize new value from the effective use of a variety of technology enablers. During this transformation, Marc managed a program that revamped the division’s approach to ICS Cybersecurity.