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Engineering Vibrant Connections for GSW’s New Home

Setting a new standard of excellence

Chase Center’s state-of-the-art network sets a new standard of excellence for both visitors and owners/operators. It not only provides seamless connectivity but also anticipates and integrates emerging technologies. Some of the cutting-edge innovations implemented in this high-density wireless and converged network include:

  • Under-seat antenna deployment, maximizing capacity while simplifying maintenance.
  • Bluetooth-based wayfinding technology for an enhanced visitor experience.
  • Kiosk ordering for faster service and increased sales in concession areas.
  • Robust security for uninterrupted communication among coaches and players.
  • Support for sophisticated location-aware marketing strategies.
  • Comprehensive network services to facilitate building operations, from sound and lighting control to A/C and physical security.

The complexity and integration of the converged network solution are remarkable, bringing together core networks, switches, routers, firewalls, and various hardware and appliances. However, the true accomplishment lies in how this synchronized network bridges the gap between Chase Center’s owners and visitors, enabling a seamless exchange of value within this extraordinary San Francisco landmark.

When designing the new home of the Golden State Warriors (GSW) at Chase Center, the focus was on creating an immersive experience for tech-savvy fans. M S Benbow & Associates (MSB) was chosen as the trusted partner to lead the design and implementation of the revolutionary Wi-Fi technology, in collaboration with Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.


Visible & Invisible

Chase Center Outdoors

The timeline on the implementation phase of the project – 6 months from start to completion – posed almost as big a challenge as the technology. However, that was just one that presented itself.

More than 800 Aruba 6 access points had to be installed to provide connectivity to the entire campus, including the parking garage and Thrive City – the 3-acre plaza where people could gather 365 days a year. Concrete barriers and reconfiguration of the bowl to support a diverse set of events were also obstacles the network would need to get around.

More importantly, how could the role of Wi-Fi not only enhance that fan experience, but underscore the seamless, reliable operations in a very dense environment with a large mass of digital activity?
In addition, once the arena opened to the public, the technology had to be fully executed and tested also within a limited period, but with the addition of a now active venue.


Not Just Innovative,
They Were Inspired

A view of the sound board at Chase Center during an event.
Chase Center Wifi Area
Chase Center Basketball Court

MSB provided engineering solutions and a design that was intentional, and that has positioned the arena as a model of possibilities. The opening weekend the San Francisco Symphony and Metallica were set to entertain 18,000 fans at the Chase Center’s inaugural event, and did they ever…

MSB’s innovative design solution for the converged network system included using 1,728-strand fibers to maximize capability and support new technologies. In all, the network infrastructure boasts 600 miles of fiber optic cable for the network backbone, 300 miles of copper cable and 30 network closets to support all systems and applications requiring IP data connectivity, including Voice over IP (VoIP)-enabled wireless, cellular DAS, HD streaming and audio operations.

The network hosts a 20-GB fiber-linked network providing enough bandwidth to support high-volume multi-media guest experiences and location services throughout the venue and surrounding 11-acre district.

The 800 Aruba 6 access points (APs) each accommodates Wi-Fi connectivity for approximately 75 devices. The key was placing the access points as close to the devices as possible, especially within the bowl of the arena. The solution: Place the APs in secure boxes under the seats so the fans are right on top of them. Literally!

An added perk to the level of connectivity was the display capabilities of the largest scoreboard in the NBA (coming in at 82-ft-9in x 52ft-8in or 9,699 square feet). The first of its kind, the scoreboard can show data and stats normally only seen by those viewing a game from home.



Our goal was the deployment of a best-in-class high density wireless network with a robust, converged wired network at the largest and most complex venue technology project of its kind in scope, size and network capability. MSB provided engineering, project management, construction and programming services for the fully integrated converged network system providing seamless connectivity to Golden State Warriors and Chase Center guests. In addition, MSB interfaced with more than 30 different stakeholders from the Architects to General Contractors.

Cube 3

Services Provided

  • Construction Management
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Live Event Support
  • RF & Network Design
  • MDF / IDF Equipment Layouts
  • RF Tune / Optimization
  • Network Integration Services for all Building Operations & Vendor Sub-systems
  • System Maintenance
  • Network Redundancy / Fall-Over Testing
  • Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • UPS Power System
  • Remote Event Support


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