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MSB Wins Contractor’s Safety Excellence Award for 10th Year

May 10, 2024

M S Benbow and Associates (MSB) is thrilled to be the recipient of the Gulf Coast Safety Council (GCSC) Contractor’s Safety Excellence Award, 2023 Injury Free at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Norco.

MSB has set high safety standards for all of our work since day one. Recognized numerous times by clients and industry, we go into each project with the expectation of completing them without incident.

“A good record of safety doesn’t just happen on its own,” said MSB CEO Leo Holzenthal, Jr., P.E. “At MSB, we believe it is a matter of maintaining a culture of safety,” he continued. “We focus on upholding the expectation of completing all projects without incident by incorporating constant assessment and safety awareness into all operations.”


MSB supports a comprehensive program for promoting safety as one of the company’s core values. The company’s internal safety controls include a safety specialist, stringent third-party safety training, client-specific safety training, pre-job safety and hazard analysis for each project, weekly and monthly safety meetings, a background screening, and drug testing program, and incident investigation procedure.

The Shell Contractor Safety Award recognizes outstanding safety engineering and workforce safety performance. 2023 marks the 10th year MSB has won this award. This latest recognition speaks to the pride MSB takes in executing safety procedures and following compliance for their employees and clients.