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Hospitality and Family Entertainment

Excited little boy and girl having fun with mother riding amusement park roller coaster

In recent years, the hospitality industry has had to recalibrate how they operate, but the guest experience still stands as the top priority when it comes to making any adjustments. Many resorts and hospitality complexes are becoming hubs unto themselves, with the majority (if not all) of the activity relying heavily on technology. MSB’s Connectivity team has a long history of designing and deploying solutions that are right for the client.

With the ability to deliver coverage to the farthest corners of your property, our team manages the most complex engineering projects with results that help you elevate your operations and your guests’ experience.



World-Class Theme Park

High-Density Wi-Fi Networks for Immersive Guest Experiences Top entertainment venues and attractions require world-class high-density Wi-Fi networks to meet the ever-evolving mobile connectivity needs of […]
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